Suzy Izzard discusses political ambitions: ‘I’ll get to be an MP – I’ve just got to keep pushing’

Suzy Izzard head and shoulders shot
Suzy Izzard appearing on on Portrait Artist of the Year last year (Image: Sky Arts)

Suzy Izzard has discussed her goal of becoming a Member of Parliament in her latest interview.

The comedy legend, who is trans, lost a bid to be elected as the Labour MP for a constituency in Sheffield in December 2022.

However, in a Times profile published last Saturday (25 Mat 2024), the actor proved she remains undeterred in her political ambitions.

“If you’re even slightly different, well…” – Suzy Izzard

“I have all this energy, I can analyse things, I can analyse systems, which is needed in politics, and I can communicate,” the 62-year-old explained to the outlet. “I think a lot of people would vote for that. But when you get to the selection process it’s, ‘Yes, like the energy, but do you think exactly like I do?’ And if you’re even slightly different, well…

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll carry on. I’ll get to be an MP. I’ve just got to keep pushing.”

Reflecting on transphobia, the Culprits star added: “When I came out in 1985, do you know how many discussions there were about trans people? You can imagine. Zero point zero zero zero. Now there are a lot of discussions. Like gay marriage, our day is coming. Have you heard the latest arguments against marriage equality? No, you haven’t. There aren’t any. Because there’s no way in. The whole world didn’t explode. So if I’m going to be at the forefront now and that’s all directed at me and people who support me, fine. I’ve had enough adversity, so it doesn’t really matter. There will be a tipping point when trans people can exist on this earth without being attacked and vilified. People heaped abuse on me in the streets and now they do it online.”

“I always have to be ready for [transphobia], be ready to stand up for myself at any point,” Suzy added.

In 2020, Suzy publicly shared she would be henceforth using the pronouns she and her.

“It feels very positive,” Suzy said at the time, adding: “I just want to be based in girl mode now.”

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