'Swan man' rescues baby cygnet that was 'left behind

A weak baby swan that was ‘left behind’ by its family has been reunited after an animal rescuer hand-reared it and nursed it back to health – on a diet of peas. The fluffy cygnet, named Bobbly, was taken under Rob Adamson’s wing when it was unable to keep up with its siblings and was attacked by crows last week. He had been keeping an eye on the new arrivals at Jones Boatyard, in St Ives, Cambs, where he works and took pity on the bird after realising it needed a helping hand. And over the next two days, the tiny fledgling spent most of its time nestled inside his jacket while eating garden peas to build up its strength on his narrow boat. He then brought the healthy cygnet back to its family - with heartwarming footage showing the baby waddling straight back to them where it has remained ever since.