Swansea residents told 'stop making excuses' after shocking finds in black bags

Council workers found things in black bags that shouldn't be there -Credit:Swansea Council
Council workers found things in black bags that shouldn't be there -Credit:Swansea Council

Swansea Council has shared images on social media showing how some people are either breaking or just ignoring recycling regulations. Refuse collectors have found black bags filled with plastic and food waste. They also discovered glass, tins, and paper in other bags, all of which belong in green recycling bags.

The residents in question have since been contacted by recycling teams to "remind them of the requirement to recycle, and offer support". But officers have warned that people may receive a £100 fixed penalty if they disregard this advice and continue to put recyclables inside black bags. However, the recycling team went on to say that "the vast majority of Swansea residents recycle all these materials in the correct bag or bin at the kerbside."

Many residents do have concerns about the recycling process, however, and have been having their say in our comments section below. For the latest Swansea news, sign up to our newsletter here

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Arrawn said they found the recycling rules confusing at times: “There are many faults with these collections, the Council does not take all kinds of Plastic for one. Another I find confusing is that of an 'uncooked' potato, I put some in my Garden Waste bin and was informed that it should have been in the Food Waste, why? I'd just dug it out of my garden and it was rotten, and I'm sure it would have composted down with all of the prunings from my Rose Bushes etc.”

Terfette thought there was no excuse: “Yes there are some confusing rules around recycling (no soft plastics) in Swansea, but if people actually read the instructions on the bags they'd get it right. If you can throw a beer can in the bin for general waste, then you can throw it in the recycling bin. Stop making excuses for something that takes a minute to do. If we buy plastic and other packaging then we should be recycling. It's called working for your community.” Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android

Stylo had doubts, however: “Bulk items maybe but a lot is impossible to separate without washing your rubbish - which not only sounds a bit kafka-esque but has environmental and cost (both metered water, increasing general sewage costs and time doing something nonsensical.”

Rhidster pointed out a different issue: “Some people just don't have the space to keep multiple different types of containers! We don't all live in mansions with utility rooms and outdoor space! Have you seen how small new build properties are? You can't swing a cat in most! If the council want everyone to recycle, they should require developers to provide space for multiple bins!”

Gillym replied: “I have a bin in the kitchen for all recycling which is separated on bin day. Not difficult really. Just needs one to make an effort.”

Is recycling easy? Have your say in our comments section below.