Sweden: Man missing and 12 people injured as huge fire breaks out at Liseberg's Oceana water park in Gothenburg

A man is missing after a powerful fire broke out at an amusement park in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

The blaze engulfed outdoor water slides and related facilities that were under construction, eyewitnesses and rescue services said.

Twelve people sustained minor injuries during the incident on Monday.

The missing man had been working at the Oceana water park, a new addition to Gothenburg's Liseberg funfair, which had been scheduled to open later this year.

"The fire started at one of the water rides outside the building and then spread to the entire building," Liseberg said in its statement.

Police and fire officials could not immediately say what caused the fire.

Footage of the fire showed thick black smoke rising above the city and slides being engulfed by flames while several fire-fighting vehicles surrounded the area.

Guests at a nearby hotel and office premises were led to safety.

Police advised those living in the area to stay indoors and keep windows closed to protect against fumes.