The sweet way Prince George, Charlotte and Louis are helping Kate Middleton through her recovery - and it proves they have inherited this important trait from their mum

 Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

A family friend of the Waleses has revealed the ways in which Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are helping their mum Kate Middleton through her recovery and highlighted how their 'resilience' proves they have inherited one important trait from their mum. 

Like many families this Easter break, the Wales family are enjoying some much needed family time together away from the demands of day-to-day life. The time is bittersweet for the family-of-five; a lovely family break at their favourite holiday home in Norfolk marred by the sad news of Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis that's left them desperate for time out of the public eye.

It's heartbreaking to imagine the conversation that Prince William and Kate were forced to have with their kids, breaking the news of their mum's illness to them. They likely 'sugarcoated' the cancer diagnosis for Louis, according to the King's former butler, but that doesn't make it any easier.

But the kids have taken the news in their stride, keen to be there to support their mum, according to reports. A longtime friend of the Wales family told PEOPLE Magazine that George, 10, Charlotte, eight, and Louis, five, are working hard to support their mum and offer her help whenever they feel she needs it.

“You take heart from the extraordinary resilience of children,” they told the publication, adding that the kids “buoy them with smiles back. Having fun together when they can is very important. The children are at the centre of their world.”

It's no surprise that George, Charlotte and Louis have risen to the current challenges their family faces. As Kate and William's children, of course they've inherited the resilience of their parents as well as their keenness to help out and support those they love whenever they can!

The kids are likely also taking notes from their dad who has been on hand to support both them and their mum throughout this time. He has stepped back from his duties with The Firm, instead relying on another ‘stoic’ family member to take his spot while he focuses on his family.

A friend previously told PEOPLE, "He is a very reliable, strong person. She doesn’t feel isolated in this because of William, who is right beside her.

"This is about supporting her and her feeling supported. It is a joint effort. She doesn’t feel isolated at all. The nuclear family that they have created so well is an immense support not only to him, but to Catherine, too."

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