Swingers club turns violent when man accuses participant of seducing his partner

The adults-only event in Blackpool had a masquerade ball theme. (File picture/Screengrab)
The adults-only event in Blackpool had a masquerade ball theme. (File picture/Screengrab)

A swingers party descended into violence when a jealous man accused another patron of attempting to seduce his partner.

The incident, during the masquerade ball themed adult event, occurred when David Tillyer, a director of a property company, objected to his partner Evelyn Hodder helping John Watson put his sock on.

He accused Watson, a 50-year-old hotelier, of chatting up Ms Hodder, at the New Year’s Eve event at Infusion club in Blackpool.

Tillyer, 47, confronted Watson, inflicting injuries that required hospital treatment, after he saw his parter help put his socks on.

He blasted Watson: “What sort of man needs help putting a sock on?”

Tillyer told the Preston magistrates’ court that Watson pushed him into the toilet, trapping him next to a sink.

Kerry Grieve, prosecuting, said that Mr Tillyer and his partner had travelled from the Nottingham area for the swingers event.

Other patrons separated tried to separate the brawling swingers and staff refused to call police.

Tillyer was ejected from the swingers club and was later taken to hospital.

Mr Tillyer said: “It was a really violent attack. This is a place we know and we feel comfortable in.” He said his sexual boundaries meant he was there to observe others having consensual sex.


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Ms Hodder gave evidence for the prosecution, telling the court she had sat next to Watson, whose female partner was drunk.

“He asked me for help putting a sock on. My partner asked me what I was doing and suddenly Watson got up and pushed him. I saw at least one punch.”

She told the court: “I was shocked and when my partner left I stayed for a time, sat next to a four-poster bed before I left and went for a taxi. I went back to the hotel and then police arrived.”

Watson claimed: “I asked the woman to help me putting on a sock because I have arthritis. Her partner intervened and I called him a d——-. I did push him but there was no room to swing my hands. I believe his injuries were caused by him falling in the sink and hitting his head on a tap.”

PC Steve Johnson, the investigating officer, said: “This venue has guests of a certain nature. They do not have CCTV because of the possible embarrassment factor.”

Watson was found guilty of ABH and is due to be sentenced at a later date.