Swiss hotel accused of anti-semitism after telling Jewish guests to wash before they swim

The sign told Jewish guests to shower before entering the pool (Facebook)

A hotel in Switzerland sparked outrage after they put up a sign telling Jewish guests they had to shower before getting into its swimming pool.

The Paradies Arosa hotel was accused of anti-Semitism over the sign, which provoked fury when it was posted on Facebook.

The sign, written by manager Ruth Thomann, read: “To our Jewish guests, women, men and children, please take a shower before you go swimming.”

The Paradise Arosa Hotel manager denied being anti-Semitic (Google)

It added: “If you break the rules I’m forced to close the swimming pool for you.”

Ms Thomann denied being anti-Semitic, reportedly saying: “I wrote something naive on that poster.”

She apparently admitted her “choice of words was a mistake”.

Defending her actions, she claimed that other guests in the hotel had complained that Jewish visitors were not showering and had asked her to take action.


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A spokesman for Swiss Tourism Markus Berger called the sign “unacceptable”, and confirmed it has now been removed and the hotel has apologised.

He added that there was a rise in Orthodox Jews travelling to the Alpine village of Arosa over the summer.

According to the Daily Mail, the hotel is particularly popular with ultra-Orthodox Jewish guests because it accommodates a number of their needs, including offering access to a freezer for storing Kosher food.