Sydney Sweeney expertly claps back at lewd comments made by fans

Sydney Sweeney expertly claps back at lewd comments made by fans

Sydney Sweeney has clapped back at critiques about her physical appearance following a recent social media post.

The Euphoria star has fielded comments and questions about her physique for much of her time in the public eye, and recently issued a fierce response to a producer who claimed that she’s “not pretty” and “can’t act”.

In a new post on Instagram, Sweeney, 26, made her feelings towards the discourse about her appearance clear with a message on her sweatshirt.

Several of the photos show the Anyone But You actor in a grey jumper that features a cartoon girl skipping and the words: “Sorry for having great t**s”.

Elsewhere in the selection of images, captioned “good times and tan lines”, Sweeney is seen having fun with her friends and loved ones.

Earlier this month, Sweeney came under fire from veteran Hollywood producer Carol Baum, who criticised her looks and acting ability while at an event in Pleasantville, New York.

In response, the Immaculate actor said via a statement to entertainment news platform Variety: “How sad that a woman in the position to share her expertise and experience chooses instead to attack another woman.

“If that’s what she’s learned in her decades in the industry and feels is appropriate to teach to her students, that’s shameful. To unjustly disparage a fellow female producer speaks volumes about Ms Baum’s character.”

Sydney Sweeney (Getty Images)
Sydney Sweeney (Getty Images)

Last month, the star noted that the constant remarks about her appearance from fans and onlookers make her feel like she has “no control”.

“I see it, and I just can’t allow myself to have a reaction. I don’t know how to explain it – I’m still trying to figure it out myself,” she told Variety when asked about the viral reaction to her Saturday Night Live debut.

After her stint hosting the long-running comedy show, Sweeney was a topic among online conservatives in discussions on femininity and “wokeness”.

“People feel connected and free to be able to speak about me in whatever way they want, because they believe that I’ve signed my life away. That I’m not on a human level anymore, because I’m an actor. That these characters are for everybody else, but then me as Sydney is not for me anymore,” Sweeney said.

“It’s this weird relationship that people have with me that I have no control or say over.”

Sweeney also starred in Madame Web this year, which was widely panned by critics and audiences.