Madame Web star Sydney Sweeney's new R-rated horror gets first bloody trailer


Sydney Sweeney is a nun forced to confront dark forces, terrible secrets, and an unexpected pregnancy in the bloody first trailer for new horror movie Immaculate.

Also starring The Wheel of Time's Álvaro Morte and The White Lotus's Simona Tabasco, the flick follows Sweeney's Cecilia, a devoutly religious young woman who moves to the Italian countryside after accepting a job at a prestigious convent. Before long, though, it becomes clear to Cecilia that new place of work isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Michael Mohan directs, working from a script by Andrew Lobel. Sweeney produces under her Fifty-Fifty Films banner.

"I know God saved me for a reason," Cecilia explains to a fellow sister in the teaser, which you can watch above, as it cuts to a ominous shot of her stomach. "But, I guess I'm still searching for what that reason is."

After Cecilia starts throwing up and fainting at work, the convent perform some health checks on her, which winds up confirming that she is pregnant. A second coming of Jesus Christ, is it? As those around Cecilia start to doubt the legitimacy – and holiness – of her conception, they start subjecting her to torturous rituals, which causes her to question the true meaning of evil.

Over the last few years, NEON has been responsible for the distribution of genre titles such as In the Earth, She Dies Tomorrow, It Lives Inside, Possessor, Crimes of the Future, and Infinity Pool. Given that catalogue, we're not expecting Immaculate, which they're also backing, to pull any punches when it comes to scares or gore...

Immaculate releases on March 22 in the US. While we wait, check out our guide to the most exciting upcoming horror movies heading our way.