Sydney Sweeney Looking Adoringly At Absolutely Nothing Has Become A Hilarious Meme

We’d like to think Sydney Sweeney was looking at Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein ad. But really, it could be anything — and that’s the fun of it!

The “Euphoria” star recently appeared on First We Feast’s popular YouTube series “Hot Ones.” (First We Feast and HuffPost share a parent company, BuzzFeed, Inc.) The show promoted Sweeney’s appearance on the Jan. 25 episode with an image of the “White Lotus” alum gazing upward with what appeared to be a look of adoration.

“Hot Ones” has given the world any number of memes thanks to its premise of interviewing celebrities while they eat increasingly spicy wings. Paul Rudd’s “Hey, look at us” clip from the show went viral in 2019. Jennifer Lawerence also became a meme last year when she flipped out and said “What do you mean?” several times as host Sean Evans shook a hot sauce bottle to indicate that she should add even more heat to her already spicy food.

So naturally, Sweeney didn’t escape “Hot Ones” unmemed. Thanks to the actor’s ability to emote very distinctive facial expressions, social media users on X, formerly Twitter, ran with the promo image ofSweeney, turning it into an all-purpose reaction shot of adoration, gratitude and awe.

Check out some of the funniest selections below: