Sydney Sweeney’s Rep Responds To Producer Who Ripped Into Her And Anyone But You

 Sydney Sweeney looking a bit concerned in Anyone But You.
Sydney Sweeney looking a bit concerned in Anyone But You.

Earlier today, a producer ripped into Sydney Sweeney and her movie Anyone But You. Carol Baum posted questions about why people love the actress so much, and continued to explain why she didn’t like her. Now, the Euphoria star’s rep has responded to said comments.

Carol Baum, who is a producer behind titles like Steve Martin’s Father of the Bride and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called out the actress/producer during a Q&A for Dead Ringers (via the Daily Mail). She said she had asked why people love Sweeney and think she’s “so hot,” because she thought "she’s not pretty, she can’t act.” Along with that, the producer also called the actress’s rom-com Anyone But You “unwatchable.” A few hours after these comments came out, Sweeney’s rep responded, telling TMZ:

How sad that a woman in the position to share her expertise and experience chooses instead to attack another woman.

The Anyone But You star’s representative continued to call out Baum’s comments, noting that her “tearing down another woman” is “truly shameful.” In full, they said:

If tearing down another woman is what Carol has learned during her decades in the business, and she feels it appropriate to pass that on to her students, then that's truly shameful. To unjustly disparage a fellow female producer speaks volumes about Ms Baum's character.

According to TMZ, Baum told them she is “expressing regret” over her comments.

Adding to this, producer Teddy Schwarzman, who worked with Sweeney on Immaculate, responded to Baum’s claims, highlighting how much he liked working with the actress/producer. He wrote in a reply to the New York Post’s story about Baum’s comments on X:

As a producer of #Immaculate, I’ll enlighten Ms. Baum that two-time Emmy nominee Sydney Sweeney is not only one of the most talented actresses I’ve worked with, but also incredibly smart, kind and humble. I’m not sure why someone who claims to still be a producer would make such terribly ugly comments, but I can assure everyone that Sydney is at least beautiful on the inside. And, of course, a badass Scream Queen.

How To Watch Anyone But You

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney stare each other down in front of the ocean in Anyone But You.
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney stare each other down in front of the ocean in Anyone But You.

You can stream Anyone But You with a Netflix subscription

Between Immaculate and Anyone But You, Sydney Sweeney has quickly proven herself as a powerful producer and leading woman.

While Anyone But You didn’t receive the best reviews, the rom-com starring her and Glen Powell was a quiet box office hit toward the beginning of the year, and fans love it. When our own Danielle Bruncati watched the movie for the first time, she said that other rom-coms need to take notes, because she loved it so much.

Meanwhile, Sweeney's first movie of the year, Madame Web, may have flopped, however, her horror flick on the 2024 movie schedule has been making waves. Through brilliant viral marketing that has included the actress watching Immaculate with pastors, and the film itself eliciting amazing reactions from fans on TikTok, it's been causing quite a positive conversation.

Overall, Sydney Sweeney is thriving right now, and it’s fairly clear why so many people adore her. Apparently, the producer who called her out regrets it now, and the actress/producer’s team made it abundantly clear that they thought her comments were “truly shameful.”