Sydney Sweeney reveals most vital element to her ‘self-care process’

Sydney Sweeney says her dog is vital to her ‘self-care process’ credit:Bang Showbiz
Sydney Sweeney says her dog is vital to her ‘self-care process’ credit:Bang Showbiz

Sydney Sweeney says her dog is vital to her “self-care process”.

The ‘Anyone But You’ actress, 26, who is also a fitness fanatic, opened up about how essential she finds her pet in keeping her mental check in order while adding she also loves to unwind by reading and downs water to stay healthy.

Sydney told People: “My dog, Tank, really is so important in my own self-care process. Whether it is just playing with her, taking her to the dog park or taking her on a walk, it just lets me take a moment and unplug from everything else.”

She added about her other methods of relaxation: “Usually I’m reading. I love to read.”

Sydney also declared: “I love to work out” in the chat about her strategies to stay balanced and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

She said one of her main exercise routines is Solidcore, which is billed as “Pilates redefined,”.

Sydney added the workout is “so freaking good” due to how gruelling it is, saying: “It’s the hardest workout you'll ever have in your entire life... you will feel pain you’ve never felt before.”

The actress also said she focuses on hydration and sticks to one drink – adding: “I only drink water.”

Sydney is a brand ambassador for Bai, and has crafted her Raspberry Lemon Lime flavour drink for the flavoured water company.

She said the drink reflects her tastes as she is a “berry girl” – adding: “I love berries. I always start my morning with the bowl of berries, so when Bai came to me and said, ‘Let’s create your dream flavour,’ I was like, ‘I know that I’d love for it to have some type of raspberry infusion in it because I love raspberries.’

“Also, I grew up berry picking with my family, so when we started putting different combinations together I knew that this was going to be special because it reminded me of my childhood.

“It just became exactly what I want it to be, and with the electrolytes, antioxidants and zinc, it’s everything that I look for in a drink.”