Sydney Sweeney Reveals She Has 'Never Tried Coffee' — Here's Why

The actress, 26, shared the surprising anecdote in a new interview. She previously told PEOPLE how her childhood impacted her food and drink choices

<p>Getty</p> Sydney Sweeney in April 2023


Sydney Sweeney in April 2023

Sydney Sweeney is not a coffee drinker.

“I’ve never tried coffee before. I just drink water,” the Immaculate star, 26, told the Wall Street Journal. She added that for breakfast her go-to is “a berry bowl. Maybe some granola, bacon, a croissant, but I always go to berries.”

The topic came up after WSJ asked Sweeney if she is truly able to function on two hours of sleep per night. “I sleep however many hours I get in a night, but I’m known for being able to function off of very, very little for a very long amount of time," she said.

<p>Don Arnold/WireImage</p> Sydney Sweeney in December

Don Arnold/WireImage

Sydney Sweeney in December

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Sweeney also mentioned that her dog Tank is her wake-up call every morning.

“I usually wake up around 7:30. First I hug my dog, Tank, and we cuddle,” she explained. “Then I’ll go and wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready to jump-start the day.”

In June 2023, the Euphoria star — who is set to star in season 3 of the show which has recently been delayed — spoke in more depth to PEOPLE about her eating habits and the impact her childhood had on her food and drink tastes now.

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“When I was little I loved Shirley Temples, and I loved Sprite and my parents kept being like, ‘It's all you drink, it's all you drink. You need to drink water,’” the Bai partner said at the time. “And I think that they made a comment, they were like, ‘You couldn't drink water for a week.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I can watch me.’ And then I kept doing it.”

Sweeney admitted she has a sweet tooth which is why she makes a point of always staying hydrated. “I am kind of addicted to sugar. I love candy, and I love sweets. And because of that I was like, ‘Okay, if I drink water it'll balance it out,’ ” she told PEOPLE. “That's kind of been my justification for eating desserts and candy. It's like I have a healthy balance there.”

The Reality actress continued, “And it's so good because then I started getting older, and I realized drinking water is great for your skin, and it's great for you as a person and your body and it's healthy. So it was a good thing my younger self started. I thank young Syd on the daily.”

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