Sydney Sweeney Shares “Disgusting” Behind-the-Scenes Details on ‘Euphoria’ Hot Tub Puking Scene

Sydney Sweeney may just be the expert when it comes to puking on camera.

On the latest episode of Hot Ones, the Emmy-nominated actress shared the gruesome behind-the-scenes details of how she and Sam Levinson created the perfect projectile vomit in the infamous season two hot tub scene in Euphoria.

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“There was a lot of work that went behind that,” Sweeney said, “because Sam, of course, wanted it to be just projectile vomit everywhere.”

The Anyone But You star explained that, typically, fake vomit for TV shows is made of a mixed-up paste of whatever is lying around that the craft team has access to, combined with milk and water. “You just put it in your mouth, and then you hold it, and you puke it up,” she added.

But that wasn’t good enough for Levinson. He wanted extreme vomit.

So, to meet these standards, she explained, “They had to get a pump, and they had this pipe that they taped and hid on my body and CGI’d it out, up my neck, and then there was a horse bit that I had to put in my mouth. And so during that scene, they’re filling my mouth with throwup. And then, I open up my mouth, and it just starts shooting out. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Sweeney did admit, however, that at least some of Levinson’s tactics for the key Euphoria scene — which also features Alexa Demie’s Maddie, Barbie Ferreira’s Kat and Jacob Elordi’s Nate — worked out. “You need the pump. It’s a very insane pump too,” she said, “But the horse bit. I was like why do we need the horse bit? It was huge!”

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