Syria: Napalm-Like Burns After School Attack

Syria: Napalm-Like Burns After School Attack

People suffering from Napalm-like burns have been speaking of an attack in which a plane apparently dropped an incendiary bomb on students in Syria.

Video said to be from the town of Urum al Kubra, close to Aleppo, shows a man reported to be a school teacher, who says the students were attacked as they tried to escape from an attack nearby.

"The plane hit a residential area in Urum al Kubra," he explains.

"We tried to get out quickly so we don't get hurt, but it seems someone's fate caught up with them today.

"A gathering of students formed, which is normal as the students needed to leave under these circumstances, and the plane hit us."

The video, posted on the internet, is said to have come from an account associated with a rebel group in Aleppo.

In another video filmed in the aftermath of the attack, a doctor reports seven deaths and 50 injuries - and says the burns resembled Napalm injuries.

However, the use of the substance has not been confirmed.

Separate footage showed other victims of the alleged attack and a features a woman who introduces herself as Dr Roula, from organisation 'Hand in Hand for Syria'.

She says: "There was an attack on a college in an area close to here.

"It seems to be a chemical attack similar to Napalm, which causes huge burns. There are seven people dead so far and around 50 wounded.

"What we can do here is give wounded people first aid. Most of the cases can be treated here so we keep them here, and we sent some cases to Turkey, I mean the dangerous ones. "

A BBC television crew who witnessed the bombing reported no shrapnel injuries and said the victims resembled "the walking dead".

Napalm is not classified as an outlawed chemical weapon although it can cause devastating burn injuries.

Infamously used in the Vietnam War - and the Second World War - the jelly-like substance sticks to skin and burns at very high temperatures.

A United Nations convention prohibits using incendiary weapons against civilians, or against military targets located near civilian populations.

The pictures of the school attack emerged after MPs voted against military action over alleged chemical weapons gas attacks by the Syrian regime.

Some have described the outcome as a "humiliation" for the Government and it means the US may have to go ahead alone with any military strikes.