Tahlequah Cable outage due to AT&T downed circuit

May 1—Tahlequah Cable TV notified customers on its Facebook page of an internet outage that has been ongoing since Tuesday, April 30.

At this time, TCTV has no estimated time until repairs are complete but engineers are working on the problem.

The post attributes the outage to an AT&T circuit being down and the backup is "overwhelmed."

"Our engineers in Little Rock are working closely with our Tahlequah managers, but we're at the mercy of AT&T at the moment," states the post.

The message compared the internet to the interstate highway system. There are no interstates that come directly to Tahlequah and there are limited options for "middle-mile" data infrastructure that delivers directly to Cherokee County.

"The entire country — including us — [is] working to improve this infrastructure deficiency, but as with all network builds, it takes time," states the post.

Once the issue is resolved the company will issue credits. Look for another update around 10 a.m. on the FB page.