Do you have what it takes to take on the chaser?

Bradley Walsh for The Chase
ITV The Chase host Bradley Walsh -Credit:ITV

Can you beat the chaser with these ten chase questions? Come and have a go if you think you have got what it takes with our Bristol Live version.

The Chase is one of those vintage game shows where Instead of focusing a lot on regulations and flashing lights to attract viewers, it focuses more on the competitors and host Bradley Walsh's cheeky chappie persona as they battle the Chaser.

Everyone has a favourite Chaser, and the Chasers themselves shape the essence of the game in a way that evokes mixed emotions. Every chaser, from Shaun the cool customer to Mark the smug and sardonic wit, challenges each contender with ease as they attempt to get their money back home.

Well you don’t have the big guy staring down at you at this point, only the questions to consider. So click on start quiz now and tell us in the comments how you got on…