Taking the selfie to new heights: Pilot takes picture while firing missile

Move over Ellen Degeneres - this stunning mid-air picture takes the selfie to new heights.

A Danish fighter pilot managed to photograph himself at the exact moment he fired a live air missile.

The missile can be spotted over his right shoulder as the pilot flew a F-16 fighter jet.


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The huge missile burning into the sky in the corner of the picture weighs nearly 200 pounds and is 9ft 11 ins long.

It is an infra-red weapon with an operational range of 18.5km (11.5 miles), which homes onto heat emitted by enemy aircraft engines.

It’s unclear how exactly the pilot pulled off the spectacular selfie, but it is thought he may have used a GoPro camera.


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The pilot also wore a Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, which allowed him to fire weapons against targets by pointing his head to guide the weapon.

The image was posted on the Royal Danish Air Force’s Facebook page, but the pilot has yet to be identified.