‘Talk of a third world war needs to stop’

A split image of the Israel and Ukraine flags
A split image of the Israel and Ukraine flags

Conflict in Ukraine and one in Gaza, and growing instability in the Middle East, led Donald Trump to proclaim this week that we are at the “brink of World War Three”.

Columnist Sherelle Jacobs says that Iran becoming a “war-torn theocracy” has had a destabilising effect on the Middle East, while Putin has caused “economic and demographic decline” in Russia.

The prospect of a third world war raised immediate questions about the impact on Britain. Rishi Sunak was forced to rule out conscription last Thursday, after the head of the Army stated it would not be big enough to fight an all-out war.

In response, Telegraph readers wrote in droves to share whether they thought Britain was on the precipice of a third world war and why.

Some readers from a military background offered solutions to the recruitment crisis in Britain’s Armed Forces; while others suggested how Britain should prepare, and what roles – if any – they would be inclined to take up.

‘Russia could not conquer NATO’

Readers debated whether the Russia-Ukraine war may escalate to involve Britain.

‘Multiple regional conflicts maybe but a third world war – no’

Many readers discussed the war in Gaza and the wider Middle East through proxy warfare; including the news that Britain is poised to send an aircraft carrier to the Red Sea to counter drone and missile attacks from Houthi rebels.

‘Whatever it might take for national survival’

If Britain did go to war, readers with military experience were unconvinced conscription would be the solution.

‘I’m nearer to retirement than many but I’d fight’

Finally, Telegraph readers who were keen to fight for the King and country shared some ways they plan on helping if Britain goes to war.