Tallulah Willis has facial fillers dissolved

Tallulah Willis has had her facial fillers dissolved.

The 30-year-old, who is the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, announced on Friday that she has had her filler dissolved.

"I was scared to mention but I recently got my filler dissolved - after being very emotionally and psychologically wrapped up in what I thought it gave me - I hadn't seen my real bone structure in like 6 years," Tallulah wrote alongside a series of bare-faced selfies.

She continued, "Still learning to dial back the futzing and the pokes and sit with myself as I am, which is hard when your brain tells you that yes! more is better!"

Tallulah received an outpouring of support in the comments section of the candid post.

"Girl you glowing," commented one Instagram user, while another wrote, "Such a cutie, thank you for letting women of all ages know, they are perfectly beautiful in their own skin at any age, without altering how they look!!!! So beautiful!!!!"

Tallulah's post comes days after she revealed that she had recently been diagnosed with autism.

"Actually this is the first time I've ever publicly shared my diagnosis," The Whole Ten Yards actress wrote in an Instagram comment last week. "Found out this summer and it's changed my life."