Tampa Cops Won't Settle for Less Than Perfection in Duckling Rescue

Nothing less than perfection would do for some Tampa Police officers on April 7, when they reunited a momma duck with her brood after the ducklings got stuck in a drain.

The Tampa Police Department said officers’ initial efforts found five of the six missing ducklings. But they weren’t happy with that. “Although momma duck didn’t seem to miss her sixth baby, before the end of their shift, officers returned to the location and successfully rescued the last duckling,” the police department said. Credit: Tampa Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- Hey, where are you going?

- You guys-- you guys have a box?

- Your mom's coming over, so.

- You don't want to touch him. A bird with a scent, I think. I heard. Her Right here at the box. You got him?

- Um-hmm.


- It's on the box?

- Oh, she's right there.


- That's where Jeff went.

- Who's Jeff?

- So the one he's in. He's not there.

- How many are there, like 30?

- There's one more than the one that went inside.