Tartan Army Euros discrimination row after UEFA insist on smartphone ticketing

Marc Twynholm doesn't own a phone so has been unable to download the UEFA app
-Credit: (Image: Supplied)

A furious Scotland fan says UEFA are discriminating against those without tech by insisting you need to have a smartphone to gain access to games at Euro 2024.

Marc Twynholm, 58, has a ticket for our second group match against Switzerland in Cologne but is concerned he won't be able to gain access as he has been unable to download the app. For this competition punters have been told they need to download the 'UEFA Mobile Tickets' application - but Marc doesn't own a phone of any kind and has no interest in purchasing one.

Despite dozens of emails back and forth, the European footballing governing body have still not offered him a solution - with now just days before he jets off to Germany.

Marc, who work in an escape room near his home in Falkirk, told the Record: "UEFA's slogan is incorrect. It suggests that everyone is welcome to participate and support their team, but this is not the case when it comes to their policy to have only smartphone ticketing.

"For Germany, only those who own a smartphone are welcome. Everyone else is not welcome, unless they have a 'buddy' who can share their fan pass and tickets.

"Unfortunately, I am travelling alone and do not own a mobile phone, let alone a smartphone, and therefore am being excluded from following my team."

Marc has been left miffed by the situation
Marc has been left miffed by the situation -Credit:Supplied

Marc has travelled across land and sea following the Tartan Army for over 50 years and has been left gutted at the thought of missing watching the Scotland match due to the situation.

Ticket holders who have the app have also been offered a free 36 Hour Travel Pass on matchday and Marc is worried he's going to miss out on this perk too.

He added: "I asked UEFA to help me and they said contact us in May. Then they said contact us when you get your tickets through, so I did. Since then I have had no reply with now just days before the opening game.

"It is likely that I will have to upgrade my train tickets at a cost because I cannot show the fan pass on a phone I do not own - and it is uncertain whether I will even get into the matches if a help point isn't available at the stadiums.

"In essence the short-sightedness to have zero backup plan is quite honestly mind-blowing and I can see many instances where it will cause problems during the tournament.

"Hopefully they will see sense and find the answer, which I would guess will be to pick up a ticket at the ground itself. If not I'll have to watch from the fan zone.

"It has made me re-think what I can and can't do - including supporting Scotland, by attending the matches, rather than watching it on TV. I foresee a future where air travel, money and access etc will be restricted to those with the appropriate app, and for those for whatever reason, choose not to own smartphones.

"I'm not against technology per se, but we are surely not at the stage where we are telling people if you don't have the 'correct' smartphone technology then you are not a welcome member of society."

UEFA were contacted by the Daily Record for comment.

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