Taskmaster crowns season 17 winner

greg davies and alex horne in taskmaster season 17 finale
Taskmaster crowns season 17 winnerRob Parfitt / Channel 4

Taskmaster season 17 spoilers follow.

Taskmaster has aired its season 17 grand finale, crowning the winner of Greg Davies' golden head.

Tonight's (May 30) final episode saw John Robins take the crown, beating the other four contenders Sophie Willan, Nick Mohammed, Joanne McNally and Steve Pemberton.

But how did we get here? Clad in their best outfits, the five comedians were off to a quite intense prize task, being asked to bring the thing that gives the most hope for the future of the human race.

taskmaster season 17 finale john robins
Rob Parfitt / Channel 4

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Joanne managed to sell her 'Basic Bitch Starter Pack' to Greg and sidekick Alex Horne, turning a onesie and slippers into the a coveted, comfy uniform for an evening in.

For the first, unnerving task of the evening, the comedians fell into a task rabbit hole as they were asked to open a series of envelopes pegged to a washing line only to find a clue leading them to the shed.

greg davies and alex horne in taskmaster season 17 finale
Rob Parfitt / Channel 4

There, they were ultimately instructed to hang all the envelopes back on the line, with Steve being the quickest to complete the task neatly.

Later on, the quintet were challenged to "hug their special friend" by finding their way back to their mannequin pals in the trees following a series of bizarre clues. Unexpectedly, Sophie broke her unlucky streak and beat the others with a record time of less than five minutes.

joanne mcnally, john robins, nick mohammed, sophie willan and steve pemberton in taskmaster season 17 finale
Rob Parfitt / Channel 4

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For the finale's team task, the two groups had to create the best American-style game show featuring Alex as a contestant. The teams, made up of Nick and Steve on one side and John, Joanne and Sophie on the other, had to pick a contestant who would rival Alex as well as come up with an opening theme and a catchphrase.

The team of three won a whopping six points with a format in which contestants had to guess the age of a mystery character, while the team of two delivered a poo-based game show titled Poo Do You Think You Are? that earned them three pity points.

At the end of a chaotic studio task that saw Greg try to predict where the contestants would hide, it was time to announce the winner. Sophie won the episode, but it was John who was ultimately in the lead with the most points in total and got to lift the show's shiny trophy as winner of the series.

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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