Taskmaster star pens sweet song about Alex Horne

greg davies touching alex hhorne's cheek
Taskmaster star pens sweet song about Alex HorneChannel 4

Taskmaster season 17 spoilers follow.

Taskmaster finally celebrated the unsung hero (and creator!) of the show, Greg Davies' personal assistant extraordinaire Alex Horne.

Tonight's (May 23) semi-final was all about Alex as he kicked off a new tradition to get his time in the sun, titled Assistants' Day.

Contestants Sophie Willan, Joanne McNally, John Robins, Steve Pemberton and Nick Mohammed were asked to come up with the best possible way to honour Greg Davies' loyal aide, but just one of them pulled on Greg and Alex's heartstrings.

greg davies touching alex hhorne's cheek
Channel 4

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Joanne and John got close to winning the task with a much-needed day off and a paper suit for Alex respectively, though it was Nick who took the coveted five points home with a beautifully penned song.

Clad in his usual vampire costume, the Ted Lasso star praised Horne's assistant skills to a sweet piano tune that unexpectedly managed to melt Greg's stone-cold heart for a split second.

"This is a song for assistants worldwide for their endless assistance to all humankind…" Nick sings, describing Alex as "persistent and selfless" and "a welcome thorn in all our sides".

nick mohammed, taskmaster
Channel 4

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"I think I'm having a breakdown, but I feel quite emotional," Greg admitted.

"I thought it was really lovely, Nick," the Taskmaster continued, being left with little choice but to give Nick the most points.

Asked about when would be best to sing his lovely hymn dedicated to all overworked assistants, Nick compared it to Christmas carols, a chant to be belted out in the lead-up to Assistants' Day and then shelved immediately after the celebration, until next year.

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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