Taste testers compare 42p Aldi baked beans to Heinz and M&S tins – and all agree on best

Rows of tins of baked beans in tomato sauce on display in a supermarket as food manufacturer Heinz removes some of the country's favourites from Tesco following an ongoing dispute over price increases on 3rd July, 2022 in Leeds, United Kingdom. With customers across the country feeling the financial pressures of the cost of living crisis, Tesco said it would not pass on price increases that it called unjustifiable. (photo by Daniel Harvey Gonzalez/In Pictures via Getty Images)
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A Heinz baked bean fan has revealed that he will "definitely" consider switching to a less expensive option after participating in a blind taste test.

In tonight's Supermarket Own-Brands: The Big Taste Test, three judges take on the challenge of tasting and comparing baked beans from from Aldi, Marks & Spencer, and Heinz.

During a segment dubbed "Own Brands vs Super Brands", the wallet-friendly brand managed to sway each of the three participants, who all expressed a preference for the budget-friendly beans over the renowned Heinz.

Prior to dipping their spoons in, the trio of testers declared their affinity for Heinz, with comments such as: "We are usually Heinz baked beans at home". Another chimed in with: "We are Heinz all the way."

At the same time, the third participant noted: "Heinz is obviously like your staple bean," reports the Manchester Evening News.

M&S' beans were viewed by one participant as tangier and a bit smokier
M&S' beans were viewed by one participant as "tangier" and a "bit smokier" -Credit:Ocado

The Aldi Bramwells beans kicked off the taste test. One judge remarked that they were "not too sweet" and possessed the "right balance of everything" – the tomatoes really "coming through" without an overly sugary sensation.

While a second panel member admitted they "quite liked it", they anticipated that some might find it "bland" given its lack of excessive sweetness or saltiness, but concluded that it struck the "perfect balance".

The final tester was particularly impressed, stating they "really liked it" and found it to be "very balanced", confessing that it even tasted more flavourful than her usual low-sugar Heinz beans.

The M&S beans, which were in bowl B, received mixed reviews from the testers. One participant described them as "tangier" and a "bit smokier", while another felt they contained "more additives".

The third tester admitted to liking them despite their "more intense" flavour.

M&S' beans were viewed by one participant as tangier and a bit smokier
Aldi's Bramwells beans were "not too sweet" and had the "right balance of everything" -Credit:Aldi

Heinz, the third option, was praised as a "really good bean", but they found them to be "much more thicker" with a "bit of a tang".

One tester appreciated the tanginess, describing it as "in a good way", while another felt that they were "losing a bit of the flavour" towards the end.

In a surprising turn of events, all three testers chose Aldi's Bramwells beans as their favourite. It was then revealed that the Aldi tin cost just 42p, compared to Heinz's £1.40 - a difference of almost £1.

The narrator pointed out that the price of beans had increased by 41% last year, a hike that Heinz attributes to rising tomato costs. However, it seems that one cheaper brand has managed to win over our taste-testers.

One tester spoke highly of the Aldi beans, saying: "In the current climate, that is a great substitute... and it's definitely one we'll be adding to our shopping list going forward."

Supermarket Own-Brands: The Big Taste Test airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5