Tasty tech: 7 gadgets that will instantly improve your kitchen

Soda Stream
Soda Stream

You might not be able to eat a silicon chip, but the latest food tech is nonetheless capable of making dinnertime a whole lot more appealing.

Here’s our pick of the innovations so good, you could eat ’em.


This handheld, portable blender is about the size of a water bottle, but made from toughened glass rather than plastic. It’ll mix up about 20 drinks on a single USB charge, meaning you can blend fresh smoothies and shakes at the gym, on the school run, or wherever you are.


£39.99 | Smoovii | Buy it now

Huel Black

Like a complete pet food for humans, Huel makes shakes containing all your daily nourishment. This new unsweetened formula contains half the carbs, plant-based proteins, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. It’s not the tastiest, but you can choose from vanilla or chocolate.


£55.56 for 34 meals | Huel | Buy it now

Sodastream Spirit

This mini machine can hugely reduce the number of plastic bottles you get through by making sparkling water on demand. It’s compact, doesn’t need plugging in, and the gas cylinder can be refilled or recycled at Lakeland stores. You can even add flavours and choose your level of fizz.


£79.99 | Lakeland | Buy it now

Larq self-cleaning bottle

This 500ml water bottle has a built-in UV light that can purify both water and bottle at the touch of a button — and it happens automatically every two hours. Larq is double-insulated, so drinks stay cold for 24 hours, and it doesn’t require filters or batteries. Just charge by USB once a month.


£129 | Smartech at Selfridges | Buy it now

Amazon Echo Show 8

Hands-free control is never more important than in the middle of cooking, and this Alexa device is ideally suited for following recipes. It has a BBC Good Food app that walks you through dishes step-by-step on the 8-inch HD screen, while you issue commands by voice.


£119.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

Ember Travel Mug 2

The second generation of Ember’s temperature-controlled smart mugs is lighter and has a 50 per cent longer battery life, which means your drink stays hot for up to three hours. It recharges on its own smart coaster, and you can adjust the temperature on the mug itself.


£179.95 | Ember | Buy it now

Tefal Cake Factory

This cute worktop gadget is kind of like an Easy Bake Oven for adults. It can handle everything from molten lava cake to meringues, plus of course tray bakes and cupcakes. It heats up and cooks faster than an oven, sets and tracks temperature and time, and has an app with 200 recipes.


£169.99 | Argos | Buy it now