Tattered American Flag Flies High After Hurricane Sally in Destin, Florida

A torn American flag continued to fly high after Hurricane Sally hit Destin, Florida. Footage uploaded to Facebook on September 16 by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office shows the large flag waving next to the Legendary Marina.

The sheriff’s office wrote: “This is the large flag that everybody sees when they come in to Destin from the MidBay Bridge at Legendary Marine. It may look a little weathered right now, but it’s still flying high.”

According to local news, the city of Destin declared a state of emergency on Monday, September 14, ahead of the storm’s landfall.

“We definitely have beach erosion taking place in the entire county, not just Destin,” Dustin Mayor Gary Javis said about the storm’s effects. “Coastal flooding is the major issue in the city’s bays and neighborhoods due to the copious amounts of rain. There’s nowhere for the water to go.” Credit: Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful