A tattoo artist specializing in Disney designs shares her tips for getting ink inspired by characters, TV shows, and movies

A tattoo artist specializing in Disney designs shares her tips for getting ink inspired by characters, TV shows, and movies
  • Tattoo artist Felix Garcia shared her top tips for getting tattoos inspired by Disney characters.

  • Customers must consider the style, shape, and size of a design in case they get a collage later on.

  • She also said clients shouldn't be afraid of committing to unconventional designs.

Business Insider spoke with Felix Garcia, a tattoo artist who specializes in Disney-inspired designs.

The artist, also known as @felixinfantasyland on Instagram, is a lifelong Disney fan who began her tattooing career in 2014.

Here are her tips for those looking to show their love for Disney with tattoos.

Plan for the future before getting the first design

Collage of Disney characters, including a frog and Goofy on a woman's arm. Her arm is red around the tattoos
Try to get tattoos of a similar style and shape.Felix Garcia

If a customer wants a collage of Disney art, Garcia recommends they plan their overall design so the different shapes, sizes, and styles don't clash.

"It's super important to pick a style with your first Disney tattoo, whether it's watercolor, fine line, black and gray, or American traditional," Garcia said.

Once customers choose which style they'd like, they should stick with designs that complement their existing tattoos.

This way, the finished collage looks cohesive.

Consider how challenging it may be to recreate a character

Classic animated Disney characters are easy to bring to life on the skin, but others can be more difficult to tattoo.

For example, Garcia said Disney princesses can be challenging to recreate as tattoos because they each have a distinct signature look.

The tattoo artist also said characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" can be trickier to recreate because of the style of animation used in the movie.

For those thinking about getting characters with a specific look, Garcia recommends reviewing the artists' past work and talking to them about any concerns.

Don't be afraid to do something different

A tattoo of cherries with Disney mouse ears and a stem with leaves on a person's arm
If customers love an unconventional tattoo concept, they should go for it.Felix Garcia

Garcia has been tattooing for almost a decade and has done hundreds of designs, but said the most memorable one is still a portrait of Walt Disney.

A tribute to the man who started it all may seem unconventional, but Garcia encourages people to choose something that inspires them, whether it's a character, castle, or quote.

Clients may even want to consider getting a tattoo inspired by their favorite Disney ride.

It's OK if the design is unconventional. Your artist may be just as excited to tattoo something unique.

Research Disney quotes before getting them tattooed

Before committing to a tattoo, it's important to do some research to ensure the quote is correct.

According to Garcia, many clients don't double-check to ensure a classic Disney quote is actually in the movie or TV show they think it is.

"Watch the movie before getting the quote because sometimes Google gets it wrong, and you'll be permanently marked with a misquote," Garcia told BI.

Garcia said the most popular misquote she's seen is "mirror, mirror on the wall," a deviation from the original line in the Disney movie, "magic mirror on the wall."

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