Taylor Swift Dives Into Hole Onstage During Eras Tour in Texas

A fan attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour captured the moment the singer dove into the stage at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on April 2.

Carolina Guzman, who asked to be credited as @carolinaguzmman, told Storyful she attended all three nights Swift was performing in Arlington, and said Swift performed the stunt every night, but she only recorded this angle on the third night.

Guzman said Swift’s dive left her speechless as Swift had already expended so much energy in the first half of the show. She added that the dive looks dangerous, and she doesn’t know how Swift was able to convince her team to allow her to perform it.

“She literally dives with such perfection and on point, every time she jumped I was scared she would hit her head,” Guzman said. She added that Swift, “really put her blood, sweat, and tears into every inch of production in this show!”

The video shows Swift, wearing a green dress, point to the opening and wave at the crowd to make some noise. She dives in, and screens on stage show a video of Swift swimming up the catwalk. Swift first performed the stunt on opening night, which gave some fans quite the fright, while others speculated about how she does it. Credit: @carolinaguzmman via Storyful

Video transcript