Taylor Swift fan who's been Eras Tour three times shares advice - what to pack, wear and more

Taylor Swift performs on stage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour"
-Credit: (Image: 2024 TASRM and Getty Images)

A huge Taylor Swift fan who has attended three of the singer's Eras Tour concerts has shared a list of advice to fellow Swifties. On X, formerly known as Twitter, die-hard fan, Ellie_Elizabet, created a lengthy post detailing everything fans should and shouldn't do.

It comes as the 'Fortnight' star's sell-out Eras Tour will be coming to the UK this weekend. Taylor Swift will be performing for three nights at Edinburgh's Scottish Gas Murrayfield arena from June 7.

She will then be heading to Liverpool's Anfield stadium for three more nights (June 13-15) and Cardiff's Principality Stadium for one night (June 18). She'll then perform three shows at London's Wembley Stadium (June 21-23), before returning in August for five more gigs.

Ellie has been to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour three times already - soon to be four after this weekend. She has been standing at the front row twice and once seated.

Sharing her top tips online, she captioned her post: "Okay, tips for the Eras Tour big post!" She added: "Tips for the Eras Tour from a Swiftie who has been three times."

What to wear:

Ellie says: "Anything you want to. The Eras Tour is the most positive atmosphere ever, so wear what you want to. Glitter is encouraged.

"If you are standing, don't wear anything too heavy as it gets very hot. If you want to wear a t-shirt and jeans, or a gown, go for it. If you have a cowboy hat on or a headpiece, please take it off before the show starts as they block people's view.

"If you are in a gown/floor length skirt, make sure it's not in anyone's way and that it isn't hitting the floor or it will be stood on."

What to pack:

Ellie suggests: "Portable charger, hairbrush, ID, bank card, plasters, painkillers, ear plugs, sugary snacks." She also stresses the importance of staying hydrated and to take some water or sugary drinks with you when possible.

What bag to bring:

It is best to check your stadium's policy first. However, Ellie says she took an A5-sized clear bag, which made going through security much quicker.

She added: "You can roll up a tote bag into your small bag and put items into it once past security - really recommend if you have a jacket/multiple drinks and are standing."

What chants and actions fans need to know:

Many Taylor Swift fans will have likely already seen various videos on social media from her Eras Tour of certain chants and actions the crowds say or do during various songs. Ellie has listed the main ones she took part in when she attended.

  • You Need To Calm Down wave

  • Hand heart at Fearless

  • Double clap at You Belong With Me

  • 'How'd that make you fee?' during All Too Well

  • 'One, two, three, let's go b****' during Delicate

  • 'Take us to church Taylor' during Don't Blame Me

  • Cheer for as long as possible when Champagne Problems is on

  • Put on your flashlights for Majorie

  • For Blank Space, chant your city or country during the bridge

  • When Shake It Off comes on, fans triple clap to the beat

  • 'You forgive, you forget, but you never let it go' during Bad Blood

  • Scream 'I wanna kill him' during Fortnight

  • Shout 'more' as Taylor sings I Can Do It With A Broken Heart

For the last point, Ellie says: "Taylor wants us to, she giggled at it in Paris and the bracelets flash to tell us to scream!!!"