Taylor Swift fans think she’s releasing a memoir this summer... and it’s already topping charts

Taylor Swift’s fans have already started preordering the mysterious book  (AFP via Getty Images)
Taylor Swift’s fans have already started preordering the mysterious book (AFP via Getty Images)

Taylor Swift’s fans are convinced she’s releasing a memoir this summer–and have made a mysterious, unreleased book hit the top of the charts as a result.

The mystery book, known only as 4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023, is already top of Barnes and Noble’s “books coming soon” chart, and at the time of writing, is 29th on Amazon’s best sellers’ list.

Why do fans think ’4C Untitled Flatiron’ is Taylor Swift’s memoir?

Swift is infamous for hiding easter eggs–hidden clues only noticeable by fans–in her lyrics, costumes, music videos, staging, and social media.

But the book doesn’t have a title, nor has its author been revealed. So why do Swifties think Blondie is behind it?

Clue 1: July 9

The mysterious book will be released on July 9.

Last week, Swift announced that we should be releasing her version of Speak Now on July 7, “(just in time for July 9th, if you know, you know)”.

Swift is referencing a lyric in the Speak Now track Last Kiss, which goes: “That July ninth, the beat of your heart.”

Clue 2: 13

Swift’s lucky number is famously 13. She used to draw it on her hand when performing, and it even features in her Twitter username.

Fans have spotted that the book is 544 pages long, and five plus four plus four equals 13. The audiobook is also said to be 13 hours long, and fans are expecting an announcement on June 13.

Clue 3: All Too Well

Furthermore, fans think that Swift’s 10-minute video for All Too Well was hinting at a book.

The end of the video (which takes place thirteen years after the initial plot) sees Swift play an author, who has released a debut book titled All Too Well.

Speak Now was also released in 2010, thirteen years ago.

However, fans who have already pre-ordered the book may want to consider claiming a refund.

Despite the convincing fan theories, Variety has reported “for certain” that Swift is not the mystery author.

Variety reported: “Swift does not have a book in the offing, it can be authoritatively said.”

Variety also reported that the book is rumoured to be “not a political book”, but “a fun, celebratory title” that will “skew slightly younger, but is for people of all ages.

“This has global appeal and will have massive publicity. I would comp this to Flatiron’s Matthew Perry memoir… and a little bit to ‘Spare’ by Prince Harry.”