'Taylor Swift gave me her famous 22 hat and she smelled great'

Taylor Swift gave her famous '22' hat to a lucky 12-year-old girl from Chislehurst during her performance at Wembley on Sunday, June 23. Elsie Oliver, 12, was at the concert with her dad Nik Oliver, 35, when she was 'mysteriously' plucked from the crowd by security guards who led her up to the stage.

Taylor always wears a black designer fedora from Gladys Tamez when she performs her hit song '22' and it has become a tradition to give away to a fan during the show. MyLondon spoke to Elsie and Nik about the amazing experience.

Elsie said: "So me and my Dad were dancing at our seat and I was screaming the lyrics because she's one of my favourite singers ever. And then these people with walkie-talkies came up to us and were like 'follow me'. And I was like 'this is very secretive' so I followed them into this VIP area.

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Taylor Swift hands her hat to Elsie Oliver
Taylor smelled good Elsie told excited fans back at her seat -Credit:Nik Oliver

"My Dad was like 'I think you might be getting the 22 hat' so I was like 'Oh my gosh I'm so scared' and I didn't know why I was so nervous because she's one of the biggest idols in the world. I was so nervous, millions of people would actually do anything to have this and I felt so lucky to do it."

Funnily enough, the first thing other Swifties were asking her when she came back to her seat was what the global megastar smelled like. Elsie said: "It was good, I wonder where she gets her perfume from."

Nik Oliver and Elsie Oliver dancing at Wembley during Taylor Swifts Eras Tour
Elsie and her dad danced the rest of the night away with Taylor's precious hat -Credit:Nik Oliver

She spoke to Taylor and hugged her from the foot of the stage on the other side of the barriers holding back the crowd. Elsie said: "So I went up and she was like 'Hi!' and I was just stuttering for words. I said 'Hi... I... I love you!' and she said 'your makeup looks so good, your heart glitter is amazing'.

"I just wanted to give a hug straight away before she even put the microphone down. Then I said 'Take my bracelet! Take my bracelet!' And then when she was done she was like 'Love you' and I just couldn't stop blowing her kisses."

Nik Oliver and Elsie Oliver walk back down the stairs to their seats after being given the 22 hat by Taylor Swift
The other fans were really supportive of Elsie and happy for her and not jealous they were not picked they both said -Credit:Nik Oliver

Elsie said she has been a Taylor fan for a decade - since the Taylor's first 1989 album dropped in 2014. Her dad Nik was won over by the show too. He said: "I must admit, as a dad who wasn't necessarily the biggest Swifitie, it was the best show I've ever seen live. Without a doubt. I've been all round the world and seen all sorts of bands play and the production value, the sets, the costumes, the lights, the pyrotechnics - it was one of the best nights we've ever had."

The other fans were very supportive of lucky Elsie too and "nobody showed any kind of envy" Nik said, describing it as a "great community".

Elsie said that they will keep the hat in a box frame along with her ticket and the bracelets she wore to the concert as well as a light-up bracelet given to her when she arrived at the stadium.

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