Taylor Swift had the 'most wonderful time' performing in Sydney

Taylor Swift has declared that she had the "most wonderful time" performing in Sydney.

During her final show in Sydney as part of her sold-out Eras Tour on Monday, the music superstar shared her appreciation for her Australian fans.

"You're out here making me feel like I'm the first artist to play four shows at Accor Stadium!" Taylor, 34, told the crowd during her performance, according to local media outlet

"Well, I am absolutely delighted to say these words to you. Sydney: welcome to the Eras Tour! This is our final night of four. And we have had the most wonderful time, I've got to tell you that," Taylor told her fans. "You are here in one of the most exciting cities in the world, and you chose to hang out with us. Thanks guys!"

In a video posted to X/Twitter on Saturday, Taylor also told her fans what she loves most about the city.

"Me, my band, the dancers, you make us feel like we're at home here, you really do. It's very rare," she explained. "The more time we spend around you, the more favourite things that we find about you, but obviously, you know we love your accents. But I have a very specific word that is my favourite word that you say in an Australian accent and that word is the word 'No.'"

Taylor's comments come shortly after her concert at the Accor Stadium was briefly delayed due to a storm on Friday.

The Cruel Summer hitmaker will next play six shows at Singapore's National Stadium before taking a two-month break.