This Morning fans react to the UK’s ‘best’ Taylor Swift lookalikes

This Morning searched for the UK's best Taylor Swift lookalikes

Taylor Swift lookalikes appeared on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Taylor Swift lookalikes appeared on This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

What did you miss?

It's Taylor Swift mania on Friday and This Morning didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Excitement has been bubbling as the singer dropped The Tortured Poets Department and fans speculated which album lyrics referred to Swift's exes. This Morning went on a hunt to find the UK's best Swift lookalikes and they found three after a leading doppelganger agency said they can't find the singer's "mirror image".

However, This Morning viewers at home were less than impressed. Social media was awash with fans complaining the lookalikes didn't look like the Love Story hitmaker. Among the comments, one person wrote: "Taylor Swift lookalikes? You must be joking. They look nothing like her. #ThisMorning."

What, how and why?

One of the leading lookalike agencies have got a Blank Space when it comes to dopplegangers of the singer. And there's a huge demand for it. Leading lookalike agency boss Andy Harmer said he gets two or three calls a day asking for a Swift lookalike.

He told This Morning hosts: "I thought she's so popular, I thought I'd have so many Taylor Swifts. I deal with the Jack Sparrows of the world." He added: "If you can sing and act, sometimes the one who doesn't look so good but can play the character so well it almost makes up for it."

Taylor Swift pictured performing during her The Eras tour
Taylor Swift pictured performing during her The Eras tour. (Getty)

However, he revealed he was impressed with This Morning's Taylor Swift picks and admitted he had enough work to give to all three of them as the demand for the singer's lookalike is high.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary then grilled the Swift lookalikes on their experiences as a lookalike. Plus the presenters discussed the trio whether being a doppelganger was a career for them and the potential it has.

Chloe Sweeney

Taylor Swift lookalike Chloe Sweeney. (ITV screengrab)
Taylor Swift lookalike Chloe Sweeney. (ITV screengrab)

Chloe Sweeney has said she often gets a lot of attention because of how much she looks like the Shake It Off hitmaker. "I get people looking at me," she explained. "Or there will be a couple of people together, like a group, and they'll just whisper: she looks like Taylor Swift. I get that a lot. I just get used to it now."

Despite the comments and the attention, Sweeney said she doesn't dress the same as Swift because she doesn't wear as many sequins or as glamorous as the singer.

Unlike the other two guests on, Sweeney doesn't work as a Taylor Swift impersonator. She has quite a normal 9-5 job in a shoe shop. Alison Hammond wanted to know whether she would give it up to be Swift for her job. "Maybe," she teased.

Heather Vokins

Heather Vokins performs as Taylor Swift. (ITV screengrab)
Heather Vokins performs as Taylor Swift. (ITV screengrab)

In stark comparison, Heather Vokins makes a living by performing as Swift and she loves to sing Love Story. "I've just taken a leap to do that as my full time job," she explained. "Just this month so it's really exciting... We said we would be happy to have a gig a month for the first year and we've got about 60 for the year so far. Things are still coming in. It's the best decision we ever made."

The Taylor Swift tribute act heard the first new album while getting ready for her This Morning appearance. But she didn't have time to listen to the second one. "It'll be on the train journey home," she said. "I'd love to learn them all and do them all but I think doing this album and doing all the others I would be on stage too long."

Getting a flavour of the celebrity lifestyle, Vokins revealed what it's like to take to the stage as Swift. "Our show is really exciting," she said. "I perform with a Harry Styles tribute as well. He's fabulous!" She added: "But yeah the kids think you are them. It's brilliant."

Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones has started performing as Taylor Swift. (ITV screengrab)
Catherine Jones has started performing as Taylor Swift. (ITV screengrab)

Lookalike Catherine Jones said she is a huge admirer of Swift. She said: "She's been a huge inspiration of mine and I'm a musician so obviously she's just the best for me. She writes all her own stuff, been on tour, decided to write a double album, rerecord all her stuff. Her work ethic is incredible."

Now the musician has started performing as Swift. "I did a promo video last week," she said. "Because people have started coming and saying, 'Can I have a Taylor Swift song?' It got more and more. I need to just do a whole set of Taylor Swift songs for people. I've got hen parties booked in and kids' 16ths and things like that."

What did This Morning viewers think?

This Morning viewers weren't impressed with the Taylor Swift lookalikes. (ITV screengrab)
This Morning viewers weren't impressed with the Taylor Swift lookalikes. (ITV screengrab)

However, This Morning viewers were not convinced by the Swift lookalikes appearing on daytime TV. Most of them moaned the lookalikes didn't in fact look anything like the singer. One person wrote: "#ThisMorning I've never seen three girls that look less like taylor swift than these lookalikes."

Others added: "#thismorning Taylor Swift lookalikes?? Bung on a wig and some similar clothes and…..squint sideways with your arm in the air and hey presto!"

"I look more like Taylor Swift than 2 of the lookalikes. #thismorning."

"#ThisMorning non of them taylor swift lookalikes like anything remotely like Taylor!"

"#thismorning Taylor Swift lookalikes? More like Taylor Swift from f**king wish! In fact I look more like Taylor swift #itvthismorning."

"Thismorning Lookalikes that look nothing like her."

"The lookalikes more like lookayikes. Sorry but it's a no."

"Lookalikes ???? What one wig ? #thismorning."

"The swift lookalikes. I’m sorry I wouldn’t normally but it made me giggle."

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