Tea bags spark 'chuck it' warning as pesticides found

Hundreds of thousands of tea bags were recalled after pesticides were found in the product, it was reported
Nearly 900,000 Yogi Tea Bags Recalled Due to Excessive Levels of Pesticide Residue -Credit:FDA

Nearly 900,000 tea bags have been recalled after pesticide traces were discovered in tens of thousands of boxes. The East West Tea Company faced scrutiny in March when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found pesticide residues "above action levels" in their Organic Yogi Echinacea Immune Support tea.

A voluntary recall by the manufacturer started on March 12 and is said to be continuing, with the affected tea distributed across America. The FDA has also issued a Class III recall, indicating that exposure to the product is not expected to lead to serious health consequences.

The FDA's website announcement read: "Organic Yogi Echinacea Immune Support product is recalled because pesticide residues were detected above action levels," revealing that 54,846 boxes are involved.

Despite the low risk, consuming pesticides can be harmful to health. Customers with the recalled tea are advised to dispose of it, but there's no word on whether East West Tea Company will provide refunds or replacements, reports the Mirror US.

Each box contains 16 bags of the product, which means that over 877,500 bags have been recalled. It's also unknown whether East West Tea Company uses pesticides on its products, specifically the leaves or other ingredients it grows or harvests, and if it does, what caused the chemicals to seep into the plants at dangerous levels.

No illnesses were reported as a result of the discovered chemicals, nor were any other adverse impacts from the chemicals found in the teas. It's not entirely clear what led to the discovery of the chemicals, though it may have been the result of routine testing.

No press releases accompanied the recall, according to the FDA's website, which received reporting on the matter from the company itself amid its voluntary action.