Teacher Rebecca Joynes smirks after buying teenage victim £345 Gucci belt - now she is behind bars

This is the chilling moment when paedophile teacher Rebecca Joynes was caught on CCTV, grinning as she purchased a new £345 Gucci belt for her teenage victim.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, lured the boy, referred to as Boy A, with a shopping spree at the Trafford Centre before taking him back to her flat and engaging in sexual activity with him when he was just 15. She later fell pregnant by another teenage student.

Joynes encountered the two boys through her role as a teacher at a school in Greater Manchester. The identities of the boys and the school are protected for legal reasons.

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Joynes, from Pensby Road, the Wirral, was found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child, and two counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust, reports the Manchester Evening News.

On July 4, she was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison.

In CCTV footage released by Greater Manchester Police, Joynes can be seen purchasing the Gucci belt for the victim at the Trafford Centre before they both enter her gated flat. There is also footage of the moment she was apprehended by police at her luxury Salford apartment following the emergence of the allegations.

In the first video, Joynes and Boy A are at the Selfridges checkout in the Trafford Centre. The boy is holding the Gucci belt, while Joynes, then a brunette and dressed in a green shirt over a black top, watches him with a smile and folded arms.

-Credit:Greater Manchester Police
-Credit:Greater Manchester Police

She then completes the purchase of the belt, priced at £345, using a credit card while the lad is engrossed in his phone. Joynes is captured on camera glancing at the youngster and offering a smile.

In another clip, Joynes is seen with Boy A, walking towards the back entrance of her Salford apartment complex. The boy seems to be laden with a shopping bag and backpack, as Joynes carries a black handbag.

She uses a fob to unlock the gate and keeps it open for the lad to come through.

A third video released by Greater Manchester Police shows bodycam footage of two officers arriving at her flat when the accusations surfaced. Joynes had been sent home from her teaching job after allegedly using Boy B to delete potentially incriminating messages from her phone.

Rebecca Joynes being arrested -Credit:GMP
Rebecca Joynes being arrested -Credit:GMP

Upon their arrival, they knock and inquire, "We are looking for Rebecca [Joynes], are we alright to come in for a sec? ".

"Yeah, of course you can," responds Joynes.

Following this, she is arrested on suspicion of engaging in sexual activities with a child and receives a caution.

Joynes reacts with disbelief: "Are you serious? How's it gone so far since.."

The arresting officer clarifies that the arrest is necessary to safeguard the young victim and ensure the integrity of the investigation.

The footage concludes with Joynes seated in the rear of a police van, arms crossed.

In her sentencing remarks, Judge Kate Cornell stated: "From the outside it might be easy to fall into misconception these two boys were not victims. It might be asked what 15-year-old wouldn't want to have sex with their teacher. 'Surely they were up for it, there is no crime'."

"There is no doubt this is a crime. They were vulnerable to advances from an older attractive woman. 15-year-old boys are no less susceptible to advances than 15-year-old girls."

She noted there was compelling evidence of 'flirtatious body language'.

"This is a clear indication of grooming behaviour - I cannot accept this was because you didn't know how to say no. Of course you intended to buy for him."

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