Teacher sacked over Facebook posts after youths ‘threatened to murder his family’

Teacher Michael Flynn, 52, is accused of breaking the school’s social media policy.

Michael Flynn, 52, and his wife Angela were allegedly threatened by youths. (SWNS)
Michael Flynn, 52, and his wife Angela were allegedly threatened by youths. (SWNS)

A primary school teacher has been sacked over an online post he made when youths allegedly threatened to murder and rape his family.

Michael Flynn, 52, is accused of breaking Twydall Primary School's social media policy in a Facebook post following two incidents outside his home in Gillingham, Kent.

His wife Angela said she asked a group of youngsters to leave when they tried to take a bicycle from their front garden before one of them threatened to stab her and bring people who would rape her and murder the family.

Mr Flynn, who missed the confrontation because he was sleeping through a diabetic episode, then wrote a message encouraging the boys’ parents to get in touch or he would “sort this out my way”.

His former employer Twydall Primary School in Gillingham said they parted ways because of safeguarding worries.

Twydall Primary School in Gillingham. (Google Maps)
Twydall Primary School in Gillingham. (Google Maps)

Mr Flynn’s Facebook post said: “Four kids tried to steal a pushbike from my front garden. When challenged they were verbally abusive and threatening to my wife.

“A chase ensued, one kid lost his shoes in the conflict. If this is your son, you may want to contact me before I contact the police.

"Twydall is a small place and I will find him sooner or later.

“So, if you want to sort this out calmly, I suggest the parents PM me or I will sort this out my way.”

Flynn said the next day, the same group returned to the property with a large rock and looked ready to launch it at a window before he looked out and they ran off.

He claims he was dismissed the following day over the Facebook post.

A Twydall Primary School spokesman added: “The wellbeing of our pupils is our priority and we take our responsibilities to safeguard children extremely seriously.

“We cannot discuss individual cases but incidents brought to our attention are fully investigated and acted upon in line with our policies and procedures, which align with Department for Education guidance.”

Flynn’s 22-year teaching career is now at risk and he has been forced to look for temporary driving work to support his paralysed stepdaughter Alex, 20, who is cared for by his wife full-time.

He said: “I have stolen nothing and I’ve threatened no one. I am the victim of a crime, yet I am being punished.”

Mr Flynn is concerned his sacking means he will likely never be able to return to the profession.

Asked whether he thought he’d gone too far with his Facebook post, Mr Flynn said: "Adrenalin was running a little high. I had just been woken by my wife telling me someone had threatened to rape her.

“I wish I had worded it a bit differently but I don't regret looking out for my community."

A police spokesperson added: "Kent Police is investigating allegations that a woman was threatened by two young people near Beechings Way, Gillingham.

"The incident was reported at 9.55am on Tuesday 23 May 2023 and enquiries are underway into the circumstances."