Team Holds 18-Foot Python for Zoo Health Check

Staffers at the Perth Zoo, in Western Australia, demonstrated their collaborative skills as several employees held an 18-foot Burmese python in place for a health check, in footage released by the zoo on Wednesday, April 24.

This video shows the Burmese python, named Samorn, undergoing a health examination. According to the zoo, Samorn weighs 106 pounds (48 kg) and stretches to approximately 5.4 meters in length.

“With an animal this big and strong, it took teamwork, expertise, and a whole lot of care to ensure this health check was safe and stress-free,” the zoo said.

According to Perth Zoo, the vet team were able to conduct thorough checks of her body condition and mobility, take X-rays from head to tail, draw blood samples and take swabs for viral testing.

“Vets say she’s in ssssspectacular health,” the zoo wrote. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript

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