Tech & Science Daily: Crater of dinosaur-killing asteroid’s ‘friend’ found

(Anthony Hutchings)
(Anthony Hutchings)

A five-mile asteroid crater has been found below the Atlantic Ocean - and it could be related to the event that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to Dr Uisdean Nicholson, associate professor of Geology from Heriot-Watt University, who made the discovery.

Dubbed the ‘Nadir Crater’, it sits more than 300m below the seabed, some 400km off the coast of Guinea, west Africa.

A ‘cannibal’ solar storm is heading for Earth… but don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as it sounds.

The Space Weather Prediction Center in the US has issued a geomagnetic storm warning for 17th to 19th August, with a possible "strong" geomagnetic storm today.

Data shows that Google’s parent company Alphabet invested more than any other public firm in blockchain and crypto companies.

A whopping $1.5billion between September 2021 and June 2022 to be exact.

Plus, UK bumblebees have endured a century of stress, why an ancient creature with no anus isn’t our earliest ancestor, and is WhatsApp bringing back your deleted past messages?

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