Tech & Science Daily podcast: Undersea ‘Lost City’ link to alien world

Undersea ‘Lost City’ link to alien world (PA Media)
Undersea ‘Lost City’ link to alien world (PA Media)

Scientists from Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology are examining links between what’s known as Earth’s “Lost City” of hydrothermal systems and oceans found across the solar system on moons orbiting Jupiter.

The team say they’ve found a new species of bacteria thriving in hot springs billowing from the Arctic and Antarctic seabeds, which can handle living by vents pumping out either oxygen or hydrogen.

Now, they’re investigating links with evidence from Nasa’s Cassini probe mission, which found similar hydrogen jets erupting from the south pole of one of Jupiter’s moons.

A report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has set out some of the most comprehensive evidence yet on the dangers of global warming.

Dr Ella Gilbert, a polar climate scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, told Tech & Science Daily why this IPCC report is so unique and describes her trip to Svalbard in the Arctic archipelago, where she witnessed glaciers melting.

North Korea’s state news agency reports leader Kim Jong Un has supervised two days of drills “simulating a nuclear counterattack” — including the firing of a ballistic missile carrying a mock nuclear warhead.

A ballistic missile reportedly equipped with a mock nuclear warhead flew nearly 500 miles and an altitude of over 2,600ft, as South Korea and US forces continue their own Freedom Shield military exercises.

Plus, alien “terminator zones”, UK public emergency alert test, bird flu jab latest, how the night parrot sees in dark and world’s biggest Ferris wheel.

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