Ted Lasso will come to an end after season 3, writer confirms

A still from Ted Lasso S2 (Apple TV+)
Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso S2. (Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso star and co-writer Brett Goldstein has confirmed that the hit comedy will conclude with season 3.

Goldstein — who plays sweary football captain Roy Kent in the Emmy Award-winning Apple TV+ show — reiterated previous reports that the upcoming third series would be the show's last.

"We are writing it like that," Goldstein told The Sunday Times. "It was planned as three."

He then joked: "Spoiler alert: everyone dies."

The series follows Jason Sudeikis as Lasso, a perpetually cheery and upbeat American football manger who relocates to the UK and becomes the manager of a Premier League football club.

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It's been a huge hit for Apple TV +, picking up seven Emmys last year, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series for Sudekis, and Outstanding Supporting Actress for Hannah Waddingham, who plays team owner Rebecca Welton.

Nick Mohammed, Jason Sudeikis, and Brendan Hunt in 'Ted Lasso,' premiering globally on Friday, August 14, on Apple TV+.
Nick Mohammed, Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso

Sudekis previously said he saw the series ending after three seasons, but added he was open to more if he and his co-writers developed some fresh ideas.

“The story that I know is the one that I wanted to tell, and so that’s the one we’re telling with the help of numerous people in front of and behind the camera, so it’s by no means me typing every key stroke and saying every word," he told Entertainment Weekly.

"It’s nowhere near like that. But the story that’s being told – that three-season arc – is one that I see, know, and understood. I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know."

Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in 'Ted Lasso', premiering globally on Friday, August 14, on Apple TV+.
Phil Dunster and Brett Goldstein in Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso was created by Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly, adapted from a character Sudeikis originally played in adverts for NBC Sports.

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The third season will feature the return of Sudekis, Goldstein and Waddingham, and Juno Temple as PR Keeley Jones. Brendan Hunt's Coach Beard, and Jeremy Swift's Higgins will also be back.

Ted Lasso series 1 - 2 are available to stream on Apple TV + now. Season 3 is currently in post-production.