Ted Lasso: Fans have mixed reaction to final episode

The finale saw the upbeat football coach return to America

Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso. (Apple TV+)
Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso. (Apple TV+)

Ted Lasso fans have a mixed view on how the beloved Apple sitcom wrapped up its final episode.

The season three finale – widely thought to be the show's last episode in its current incarnation – saw Ted return to America to be with his son and ex-wife and walk away from AFC Richmond with Roy Kent taking over as head coach.

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Fans had divisive reactions to the plotting which saw Ted refuse to stay in England and at Richmond with many viewers upset he didn't end up with Rebecca who is played by Hannah Waddingham.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Ted lasso’s ending is…awful. Ted not at beard’s wedding? Be serious. You mean to tell me that Ted was just replaceable? Ted and Rebecca of it all aside, you go into this with some “they’re soulmates” only for the characters to never know that? Like? What?"

Jeremy Swift and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso S3. (Apple TV+)
Jeremy Swift and Hannah Waddingham in Ted Lasso S3. (Apple TV+)

Another said: "The fakeout of Ted and Rebecca felt so unnecessary and a slap for what? Baiting your audiences who ship the two main characters to a point where you don’t have any intention of delivering said ship? They could have said, no they won’t happen but dragged this for 3 seasons."

Other fans defended the plotline with one writing: "So, all the folks comparing the Ted Lasso finale to HIMYM are being silly. Ted and Rebecca were never going to be a thing. Ever. That was clear from the get go, and the fact that you twisted it into something else is all on you."

Brett Goldstein, Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso S3. (Apple TV+)
Brett Goldstein, Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt in Ted Lasso S3. (Apple TV+)

Others also thought the finale was a highpoint of the last season: "Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis & co. delivered a damn endearing finale for #TedLasso. It’s never solely been Ted’s story, but rather about this family who found comfort in each other. Considering season 3’s messy structure, I’m happy they managed to wrap-up every arc pretty nicely."

Ted Lasso has received high acclaim ever since it premiered on Apple TV+ in 2020 though the third season has received criticism for the running time of its episodes, departure into more dramatic territory and writing of some of the characters.

Ted Lasso is streaming on Apple TV+.

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