Ted Lasso star breaks down what lies ahead for Sam and Rebecca

toheeb jimoh, ted lasso, season 2
Ted Lasso star on Sam and Rebecca's futureAppleTv+

As Ted Lasso returns for a third (and final?) season at AppleTV+, fans are waiting with bated breath to know if Sam and Rebecca are still an item.

Sam actor Toheeb Jimoh sat down with Digital Spy to weigh in on the on-again, off-again couple's unique connection.

"I always thought that [...] they had this kind of soul bond where they just met each other on the same plane," Jimoh said.

toheeb jimoh, hannah waddingham, ted lasso, season 2

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AFC Richmond owner Rebecca (Game of Thrones' Hannah Waddingham) and the team's right winger Sam began a secret romance last season, but things were left up in the air when she ended it to let the footballer make a big decision for himself. As Sam decided to stay at Richmond, will the two reunite?

"So as for what comes next, I think, regardless of whether their relationship is romantic or platonic, what remains is that their intentions are still the same.

"They want to make each other the best versions of themselves that they can be, and they're rooting for each other. And so once you have that, like you can't go back from that."

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One thing is certain for Jimoh: his character and Rebecca could never go back to a neutral relationship like the one they had in season 1.

"They have a history now, of all the stuff that happened in season two, and their relationship in season three will be an amalgamation of both of their relationship and season one and season two," he explained.

"So we'll just continue to see them root for each other and whether it ends up being a platonic or romantic relationship, that connection will always be there."

Ted Lasso season 3 premiered on Wednesday, March 15, streaming on Apple TV+. Seasons 1 and 2 are available on the same platform.

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