Ted Lasso star explains decision to "leave key things out" of finale

nick mohammed as nate shelley in a scene from ted lasso season 3
Ted Lasso star on scene which was cut from finaleApple TV+/Colin Hutton

Ted Lasso spoilers follow.

Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed has spoken about the series finale, explaining why Jason Sudeikis decided to leave a key moment out of the episode.

The finale saw Rupert Mannion's (Anthony Head) past finally catch up with him, with the under-pressure West Ham owner later losing his temper at a pivotal match and being booed off the pitch by fans after shoving his own manager to the ground.

While speaking to Deadline about season three, Mohammed touched on why fans didn't see the moment his character Nate Shelley learned about the downfall of his former boss Rupert – explaining that it as a "deliberate" omission.

"When we were filming earlier episodes, we were like 'Oh, God, I wonder what that scene is going to be like.' And then they didn’t include it," he said.

nick mohammed as nate shelley in a scene from ted lasso season 3
Apple TV+/Colin Hutton

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"I had a really good chat with Jason about it and he’s like, 'Why do we need to see that?'"

He added that Sudeikis believed that including Nate's reaction wouldn't have been in-keeping with the "positive and optimistic" nature of the show.

"It’s not important because the show is not about revenge. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s a lot more positive and optimistic," Mohammed summarised.

"So him just leaving and going straight to Jade, I felt like it was a really smart move. I think that scene would have just been too predictable. I think that’s what Ted Lasso does."

nick mohammed, ted lasso season 3
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Following the finale episode, writer and titular star Sudeikis touched on the future of Ted Lasso, revealing that he believed the story was "done."

"This story is done. It sounds like such a political answer, but it's the truth. We only conceived these three [seasons]," he told Fly on the Wall podcast.

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