Teen Figure Skater Performs on Icy Texas Street

No rink? No problem! A figure skater in Northlake, Texas, took to the streets on Tuesday, January 31, when icy weather meant she couldn’t make it to her usual practice spot.

This footage was filmed by Elisa Copeland of her 14-year-old daughter, Sophie, who is currently training for an ice-skating competition.

“An ice storm shut down the roads and schools in our community and we weren’t able to get to the rink, which is 45 minutes away,” Copeland told Storyful. “It’s competition season and my daughter, Sophie, has a very limited window to practice before her competition on February 18th.”

Sophie instead used the weather to her advantage, turning Pecan Square into her own ice rink.

“The ice was so thick so we decided to walk down to the town square in our neighborhood and practice,” Copeland said. Credit: Elisa Copeland via Storyful

Video transcript