Teen stabbed to death by zombie knife killer before end of school night out in Cambridge

Patrick Sharp-Meade, 20, of Cuttys Lane, Stevenage, stabbed Kajetan Migdal to death in a jealousy-fuelled zombie knife attack
Patrick Sharp-Meade, 20, of Cuttys Lane, Stevenage, stabbed Kajetan Migdal to death in a jealousy-fuelled zombie knife attack -Credit:Herts Police

A "remarkable, talented" teenager celebrating his school prom was stabbed to death before a night out in Cambridge. Kajetan Migdal and his three friends, who attended St John Henry Newman School in Stevenage had planned to carry on their celebrations after the event.

On May 27 2022, they were changing their clothes at his car in Stevenage and were planning to head into Cambridge for the remainder of the night. They were confronted by balaclava-clad Patrick Sharp-Meade, then 18, who mistakenly believed the group had spoken to his ex-girlfriend.

He pulled a large zombie knife from his trousers and plunged it into the teenager's chest. Kajetan was rushed to hospital, where he died in the early hours of the next morning.

A court heard Kajetan and his friends had never met Sharp-Meade before that night and did not know his ex-girlfriend. After the stabbing Sharp-Meade returned to his flat and hid the knife in his mattress.

He left the scene but was traced by the police and arrested. In court he pleaded guilty to possessing the knife and a small number of wraps of cocaine that were found in his shoe during his arrest.

Sharp-Meade, of Cuttys Lane, Stevenage, accepted that he had stabbed and killed Kajetan but denied murder. A jury found him guilty, rejecting the defence case he was guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

On Friday (May 17) Sharp-Meade, now 20, was jailed for life and must serve 28 years minimum before he will be eligible for parole. Judge John Hillen took into account time Sharp-Meade has already spent in custody and he must serve a minimum of 26 years and 12 days.

Teenager had 'great future'

Sentencing Sharp-Meade at Luton Crown Court, Judge Hillen said: "Kajetan Migdal was 18 years old when you killed him. He was a remarkable young man. He was larger than life; talkative, happy, a talented dancer who had appeared on national television, a bright student about to undergo a gap year before going to university.

"Everything pointed to a great future for Kajetan. He was someone who loved and was loved.

“It is a testament to Kajetan that nearly 1,000 people attended his funeral mass, and he was remembered in churches in Poland, all over Europe and in the wider world. He has had awards and a studio named after him, there have been and will be dance performances in his memory, a tree was planted to commemorate him.”

He told Sharp-Meade: “This is the person you murdered, depriving him of his life and depriving his family, his friends, and the world of his promise. The knife you picked up was not a normal knife, it was a knife to kill and maim. You are manipulative and have been described as cunning."

Life with 'so much promise' lost

Detective Inspector Justine Jenkins from the Hertfordshire Constabulary Major Crime Unit said: “A young person who had so much promise sadly lost their life due to the actions of one individual. There is nothing that can bring Kajetan back and whilst this sentence is significant it cannot repair the damage caused to many other lives.

"I hope it gives his family and loved ones an opportunity to adjust to their new reality knowing justice has now been served but I suspect not given the life-long sentence they face without Kajetan.

“I hope Sharp-Meade uses his time to reflect on his actions and the devastating consequences they’ve had. Our thoughts remain with Kajetan’s family who I’d like to thank for their bravery and strength throughout this entire, lengthy process.

"It is nearly two years since Kajetan lost his life and there will not have been a single day when they have not relived what happened only extending their trauma."

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