Teen Takes 3 Years to Perfect Mandalorian-Themed Lego Costume

A Star Wars fan who describes himself as “infamous for possessing a lot of Lego,” recently put the final touches to an elaborate costume he created using the little toy bricks at his home in Martinez, California.

Eric Menconi told Storyful that he created the armor in a three-year span and used trial and error to “achieve its true potential.”

“My inspiration on the design was from ‘Mauldalorians,’ a group of Mandalorians that were loyal to Darth Maul,” he said.

In the video, Menconi can be seen wearing the predominantly red and black costume, with horns on the helmet as an homage to the Star Wars villain.

The 17-year-old said that over the three-year period of time, he brought the term “trust the process” to an extreme, regularly deconstructing and rebuilding the costume from scratch.

“It was not a perfect method, but here I am now with an awesome and mostly comfortable Lego suit!” he said. Credit: @thelegomauldalorian via Storyful

Video transcript