Teenage boys 'put the boot in' on teacher accused of having sex with pupils, court told

Rebecca Joynes on trial at Manchester Crown Court
Rebecca Joynes on trial at Manchester Crown Court -Credit:PA

The defence in the trial of a teacher accused of having sex with two teenage boys has claimed the alleged victims were 'lying' and 'putting the boot in'.

Rebecca Joynes, 30, denies six counts of engaging sexual activity with a child. The claims were made during the defence's closing speeches at Manchester Crown Court today, Wednesday, May 15.

Jurors at Manchester Crown Court previously heard Joynes allegedly groomed one pupil, Boy A, with a Trafford Centre shopping trip, before having sex with him. She then fell pregnant by another teenager, Boy B.

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In his closing speech for the defence this afternoon, Michael O'Brien, said the first complainant, Boy A, had lied about what had taken place between himself and Joynes while the second complainant, Boy B, had 'put the boot in' while being interviewed by detectives, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Mr O’Brien said: "She of course wishes she would do things differently - she has done what she has done and has stood with it. She is not proud of it, she has let herself and her family down. She feels guilty - does that mean you find her guilty without any consideration of the evidence in the case?

"Does that mean you find her guilty because she met two students outside of school? It may be wrong but it is not a criminal offence."

Mr O'Brien said Boy A initially denied anything had happened with Joynes, claiming it was all just "banter" with his friends that got out of hand in a group chat.

The barrister said after contact between Boy A and Joynes on Snapchat, the teenager had bragged to his friends that he was "going to s**g" the teacher.

Mr O'Brien continued: "Would he lose face to his mates if he said, 'Well, actually lads, I was told to sleep on the sofa'?"

The defence counsel said Boy B gave "unclear and inconsistent answers" to questions. He said Joynes and Boy B, were in a "perfectly legal relationship" which the teenager had chosen to "twist the dates" and "put the boot in", to say sex began earlier when he was at school and aged 15.

Mr O'Brien said Boy B was a 'self-confessed liar' after he had admitted lying in his first police interview in order to 'protect' Joynes.

Of the pink baby's bonnet that Joynes' has had tucked into her trousers, prosecutors earlier claimed this was to 'garner sympathy' from jurors. But Mr O'Brien said this was instead a source of comfort for his client.

He added: "She did not have to give evidence - she doesn't have to prove she is innocent."

During the afternoon, presiding judge Kate Cornell briefly summed up the evidence in the case. Jurors are expected to retire to consider their deliberations on Thursday morning.

Joynes, of Pensby Road, Wirral, denies two counts of sexual activity with Boy A; two counts of sexual activity with Boy B; and two counts of sexual activity with Boy B while being a person in a position of trust.

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