Teenager, too young to buy beer, qualifies as lawyer in California

Feel old yet? A teenager has been sworn in as a lawyer after passing the bar exam in California.

Peter Park may be too young to buy a pint in the US, but he's now qualified to practice law.

He is believed to be the youngest person to pass the exam, having taken the test when he was 17.

Mr Park began high school in 2019 aged 13 and simultaneously began a four-year programme at the Northwestern California University School of Law after completing college-level proficiency exams.

He took the bar exam in July this year and received the results in November.

The teenager said in a statement: "It was not easy, but it was worth it."

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Leah Wilson, executive director of the State Bar of California, said: "Passing the California Bar exam is a major accomplishment at any age, and for someone as young as Mr Park, it is quite an extraordinary feat and one worth celebrating."

Mr Park turned 18 in the past few weeks and was sworn in as a lawyer on Tuesday.