Telescope designed to scan space for dark matter

STORY: Location: Cannes, France

Meet ‘Euclid’, a telescope that scans for dark matter in space

Its job is to detect what human eyes can't see

The European Space Agency hopes it will build a 3-D map of the universe

[Alexander Short, ESA Euclid Mission and Payload Manager]

"The universe is expanding faster and faster, so something is causing it to expand faster and faster. There is a lot of energy that we can't see and we can't explain, and we call that dark energy. So cosmology is exciting at the moment: we have dark matter, dark energy, 95% of everything out there we can't really explain, the cosmological models don't quite work, and Euclid is going to, hopefully, make a huge advancement in our understanding of all of these topics."

Euclid will be launched by a SpaceX rocket from Cape Canaveral in July